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Monday, November 23, 2009


I think, due to recent events, that I have temporarily lost my snarky edge. Dr. Phil says sarcasm is the lowest form of humor....but I think that he might actually be wrong about this.
So here's the debate: If sarcasm is used to make someone feel bad, or has said affect on a person then it is low.
but if sarcasm is used to poke fun at self and life, and media, and politics, and your children, then why is it low??? Somebody tell me.

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  1. I agree with your comments about sarcasm. It can be a release of anger or stress, but one should never use it on someone he or she cares about because it is very hurtful and the sting remains long after the episode is over. I think sarcasm about an institution, stupid rules or laws, or a social problem can be a release and helpful in that way but directing it at a person is meanspirited and using it on children could be harmful to their self-esteem and teach them the wrong way to handle problems. In general I think most people will react negatively to sarcasm and therefore one may thwart his goal by using it - especially in the middle of an argument. Using it on store personnel (when you are angry over something for which that person is not responsible) is also hurtful and most of the time ineffective. Assertiveness with the "broken record" technique is probably more effective.