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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Do you have any moral fiber???

I again have found myself amongst the have and the have nots. That is, have or have not any resemblance of moral fiber. It's scarcer than you think. And I am not holding myself on a pedestal but I am amazed on a daily basis of the extreme lack conscience. So I thought I'd hold a little test and you can see for yourself which camp you fall into.
  1. If you came across an item in someones yard that you have been looking for and it looks abandoned by the owners. And you decide to go up to the door to knock and ask them about it but they are not home. Do you a) take it b) come back later and ask for it c) drive right by because you would not consider going to someones door to ask them to give you something.
  2. You are in a position of power and you have loads of on the job experience, you come into contact with clients who have more credentials than you do. Do you a) make up a degree or two so you will be taken seriously b) choose not to discuss education so no one will know c) Couldn't give a rat's petunia about what anyone thinks about your education, you have high self esteem and you know that education is just reading books and discussing the information, you have been doing that for years.
  3. You ask a friend to do some work for you for free. Because this friend is nice he agrees to do it. It's almost rent time and you are a little short this month. Do you a) ask friend to give you a receipt of a monetary exchange that never took place so that you can submit it for reimbursement . b) hint around to your friend hoping they will get the idea and offer c) never consider doing this because it's incredibly dishonest, not to mention it puts your friend in a bad position.
  4. Do you fudge a bit on your taxes? a) yes all the time, that money is mine anyway b) guestimate amounts because you are too lazy to look up actual numbers c) never...you couldn't stand having the IRS at your door, you'd be mortified.
  5. If you were given an item that you knew was stolen. Would you a) take it and never think about it again b) at first refuse, but then figure they aren't going to care c) threaten to call the police if it's not returned
  6. Do you go out to breakfast with your friends and a) expect them to buy you breakfast because they have more money than you do and after all you are their friend b) let them know you can go to breakfast but you don't have money c) keep mental notes because you never want your friend to feel taken advantage of.
  7. You need a babysitter a lot and your friend is nice so you a) ask her to babysit for you all the time b) ask her to babysit but offer to pay her, hoping she will sit but not want to be paid c) ask her to sit and insist that she allow you to do something for her in return.
  8. You fall down in a store because you were not looking where you were going you a) don't care because now you can sue the pants off the store and make a killing b) the manager is very concerned and rushes over to you, you hint that you could sue and the manager quickly writes you a check and off to the bank you go c) accept a hand up, are terribly embarrassed and very surprised when you find a check in the mail for your 'trouble'

Ok so now let's score this puppy! For every a) = 0 pts b) = 1 pt c) = 2 pts

0-7 You must be the parents or friends of Stephanie

8 -10 you are a little delayed in the moral area. You were probably dragged up by your hair, and you live in Pasco county.

11-13 you have moral fiber but you could improve it. You probablyhave visited FL. You were probably brought up and not dragged up.

14-16 You have very good values and morals. You must not be from Florida and if you are you are one of a very small group of Floridians with good morals...you must procreate immediately you are a dying breed.


  1. I scored some where in the 14-16 range but I absolutely refuse to procreate anymore. I think I'll just bury my head and stop answering the phone. What is that you say? You need to talk?!

  2. As a P.S.,you'll be happy to know that you made my husband laugh. He had a minor meltdown because he's tired of seeing my taken advantage of. Hmmm? I'm not quite sure how it's affecting him but I just looked at him and told him to take a walk without a jacket. He obviously needed to cool down! When he cooled down I showed him this blog. He wanted to know if you knew about the meltdown. When I told him no he said that he should perhaps take up blogging! LOL!

  3. Did I mention Im from NC and I was forced here ;)