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Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Morning Minivan Meetup

Does anyone else drive their kids to school still wearing your PJs and slippers without a bra praying that you won't have an accident because you really don't want to stand on the side of the road in your flannel nightie in the freezing cold? You see my kids go to a charter school and the bus does not grace our neighborhood with its presence. Which means I have to haul my 2-pac (and a neighbor) every morning (for a total of 8 years) until they go to highschool. And if school started at a decent hour, like the public school which starts at 9:30, it wouldn't be an issue. But of course we have to be through car loop by 8:15 or our kids are tardy. Which means I am leaving my house at 7:50 a.m. and so I am getting up at the buttcrack of dawn and just litterally rolling out of bed, slappin' on my IV of caffeine so I can focus before the mad rush. Then the hounding and hurrying starts: "Get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, put that plate in the dishwasher, pack your lunch, no you can't have popsicle in your lunch, what do you mean you don't have any shirts why didn't you tell me last night, hurry up I am leaving in 5 minutes, brush your teeth, do you have your water bottle? where's your homework, no you should have asked me to sign your planner last night" And out the door we go, and while they argue about who sits where I put the heat on, scrape and defrost the windows and off I go....with my slippers on and my nightie to the Minivan meetup.


  1. You scrape your windows? You only love across the street. We don't have that much ice down here!

  2. At least it's not snowing and you don't have to dig your car out of 2 ft of snow!

    Auntie Hannah

  3. Sounds like a photo op to me :)