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Saturday, May 16, 2009

smart but blind

Well the little smarty pants, Violet, passed the first round of 'gifted' tests. I was very surprised. I mean I know she is above average but I didn't thing she was gifted. Isn't that terrible? I mean we should all think that our children are gifted, and I do think she is in other ways but not in the standardized test kind of way. However, when the principal called she said the little smarty pants is blind as a bat in her left eye and they can't test her any further until I get her to a dr. I wonder how much she could be learning if she could actually see what was going on around her? And then I think, do I really want to live with a child that would be that much smarter? And then I think, no I really don't think I want to. Let her get smarter later....like after she moves out. See there again is why I will never be mother of the year!

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