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Friday, June 5, 2009

Some Bunny moments

Now Penelope is cute, but not half as cute as the three silly kids talking in the background.

So if you can concentrate on the bunnage. She is having a good time doing an impersonation of a toddler: pick something off the ground and put it in your mouth, go inside, then back outside, run up to people then runaway...ok well maybe that sounds more like a puppy, and she does have the ears right.

Penelope is very therapeutic for my kids. She actually likes the kids, unlike Cleopatra who is very hesitant to get involved with small people with moving feet.

Ps I have to thank my friend Steph for the idea of putting this on you tube because I could NOT get this video to load on blogger. She is such a little smarty pants.

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  1. Cute! Do you ever ask yourself why a child must announce that they "tooted?" As if we don't already know! Oh, and it looks like your clover hasn't started growing. Did you plant the seeds? Glad You Tube worked!