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Thursday, December 24, 2009

deciphering the code

Presents have been purchased and wrapped for a few days. With three kids we can't keep them all in our room, nor can we trust them under the tree. So JP had this great idea of putting them in code. The gifts are addressed to Alpha, Beta and Charlie. The children are desperately trying to figure out the code, especially Violet. She somehow thinks she has cracked a small portion- she says Charlie must be KT because the last part of the word is 'lie' and KT lies a lot. It's so funny to hear them strain their brains, to figure out what the parents are up to. Ahhh....that is the way it should be.

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  1. Very interesting and worth reading. I'd make a guess that the A B C would be respective of their ages or reverse of their ages. It sounds like a good system. Part of the fun of Christmas was outsmarting my parents and not letting them know.