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Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Kettle

In honor of my grandmother, I am using my kettle this week. She actually reads my blog so maybe she'll see this (I love you gram!). I remember the kettle was always hot or about to be hot...the rumbling of the rolling boil of water, the sound of the whistle when it was ready, finally! I was never very patient. The water always made my hot chocolate too hot, and we never did figure out the right timing/milk/water combination to get the perfect temperature hot cocoa. I would always wait, impatiently, for it to cool...staring at the chocolatey concoction having to be patient was a real test of my self discipline, which wasn't very strong and so I always burned my mouth. Sometimes she would distract me with a game of rummy, thank goodness for cards. I remember playing 'Mary and May' I was always Mary, gram was always May. We pretended to be servers in a restaurants with difficult customers. This was probably good practice in dealing with my grandfather!!!

Evelyn Irene Vezina


  1. I have some memories similar to that. I miss her too. She would like that you remember her and her tea kettle.

  2. Where's my comment. I left a week ago.