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I am a captive caretaker of three small terrorists and an exotic petting zoo. I try regularly to sneak college courses so one day I can leave this place.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


KT is flying off to grandma's tomorrow. She is a tad anxious.
But the truth is, we need a break from eachother and my mother needs a
slow introduction into my household. Grandmother will be staying with me during a
15 week internship I have to do. And all three kids at once for 15 weeks is a bit much even for the most masochistic.
So I figured if I sent her just KT for a few weeks she could get a good idea on how to manage her because she is the most exhausting child for me.
Now if you meet KT you will be immediatly enthralled with her 'big toothy grin' as my mother puts it- we'll just call it BTG.
Now the issue with KT is that she is addicted to attention, good or bad. So you scold her and you still see the BTG. We also know that when the BTG appears that the brain has shut down.
Me: "careful don't drop that !!"
KT: BTG...some inane response like 'I won't!!!"
she drops it
KT: "oops" BTG
and that little saga plays itself out all day long from 'don't touch that, to 'don't do that,'
'to stop doing that'. Just change the words, and the same situation.


  1. There's a lot more to KT than just the BTG, not necessarily better though, just more.

  2. You just made me smile. :) I have one whose brain stops any time he says "Yes, Mom." I'm feelin ya on this one.

  3. LindaFaye- i think it's an epidemic!