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Sunday, June 26, 2011

A girl and her IPAD

Talk about Oprah Winfrey's favorite things...IPAD has got to be it. OK don't get me wrong IPAD has lots of things to work on. But the idea of it!!
There is an App (application for those of you who have not been blessed with an I something or other) for everything. And when I say blessed, I mean I got mine as a a gift from Grandpa L (and it wasn't an occasion either...bless that Grandpa L). So here's are some of the Apps that I have downloaded:
App for GRE
App for learning Spanish
App for Tarot card readings
App for reading pdf files and editing them
App for the latest research from the American Psychological Society (APA) I just love this one
(I know, I know I am geeking hard!)
App to turn your IPAD into a phone/texting device...however this one costs 10.00 a month and I usually only get Apps that are free so I don't have this, ok occasionally I will pay the .99.
So any way what I was thinking is that they need to create a App called 'Iparent.'
Now here's how it would work: You program in all the things that you constantly say to your children:
"don't touch your sister"
"close your mouth when you chew"
"no shoes in house"
"no running inside"
"watch what you are doing"
"put your stuff away"
etc etc Now you set your IPAD up in the kitchen and the little camera monitors what your little people do....and when they see running or something on the list, a loud alarm comes followed by a recording that says "No running inside!!".
Now just like that famous study Dr. Watson did with little Albert and the rat, the children would condition themselves not to set off 'the alarm'. Yes, yes I know the whole experiment was highly controversial. But I am thinking that Apple could make millions on this before some controversy made them take it off the market. Somebody get me Apple's developers on the phone....


  1. I think you should get this idea copywrited and you could make millions. I like your colors and design. Of course if you simply locked them outside there would be less of all this running, etc in the house. I guess you'd have to let them in sometime though.

  2. Dcf is so finicky about this 'lock' thing, they have no sense of humor.

  3. my goodness, i think i would go out and buy an ipad if they made that.... wash your hands, stop yelling, are you listening, what???