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Friday, June 24, 2011

Finch Encounter

If you know me at all, you know that small creatures end up in my house all the time. From baby ducks, cardinals, wrens, turtles, tortoises, to purchased creatures such as geckos, hamster, and a tarantula. Well somehow I ended up with a zebra finch. This bird was not hand raised so it's almost as wild as the cardinals outside. He (McFinley) has been living in my bathroom for the past few months (about 3). Now when I say living in my bathroom, I don't mean in a cage. He has a cage of course, but he fails to use it. He prefers flying around my bathroom, flirting with himself in the mirror, making nests on top of my shower wall, and sitting on his perch in front of the bathroom window so he can watch the wild birds. Luckily I have found effective ways to deal with birdie droppings, not that there is that much. JP says that mcfinley's droppings are smaller than his buggers ( I know you just had a visual-boys are so gross). Anyway the most amazing thing happened today. McFinley landed in my lap so he could eat some good seeds (hunger is an amazing motivator to get over fear). He must have sat there for 5 minutes eating. Then later when he was on his perch I lifted up his food dish and he landed on my HAND and ate two seeds. Taming the untame is a very exciting thing. This did take an amazing amount of time. I think I sat in the bathroom for 2 hours waiting for it to happen. It was worth every minute!!!

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  1. It's amazing the patience one can have with animals. I think it's because they don't talk back.