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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Nail biting saga

Occasionlly my neighbors tell me interesting stories about my children. The latest is a conversation Mrs. M had with Violet. To paraphrase (and use my poetic license- which I paid .25 cents for at Sears) A discussion about the grossness of nailbiting commenced. Violet's friend Mary Patricia recently broke her habit of nail biting after a visit to the pediatrician. Now Mrs. M's discussions over the years about germs from boys who potty and don't wash their hands was not enough to disuade Mary Patricia from her highly coveted nail tips. However when the pediatrician told Mary Patricia about a true case where a child ingested nails and then perforated her own stomach and had to have surgery and now has a huge ugly scar from it, she ceased all nail biting behavior (even the toe nails). This story was then relayed to Violet, whose response was: " I don't swallow them."
Well now that we cleared that up....do I want to know where she puts the highly covedted nail bitten tips?


  1. That little girl certainly does have a talent with logic. Maybe you should tell her that she still gets all sorts of yucky germs from biting them even if she doesn't swallow the nails.

  2. She wasn't impressed by that