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I am a captive caretaker of three small terrorists and an exotic petting zoo. I try regularly to sneak college courses so one day I can leave this place.

Monday, December 29, 2008

x mas break

I know now why the call it Xmas break. It's because of all the Xmas toys you end up fixing. Uggg.

Well small captors are dragging me off to the kitchen to perform nightly slave duties, I'll have to write later.

Slave duties have been completed. The small people are now engaging in their nightly, watery destinking ritual. Thank goodness they are habitual about this, otherwise the lot of them smell like wild deer.


  1. You crack me up! Keep blogging. If nothing else, it's good therapy!

  2. yes I plan to use this as my therapeutic outlet. Sarcasm is downright healing.