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Sunday, July 12, 2009

all creatures great and small

There are always creatures spending a few nights in our home while Violet studies them. Tonight we have some sort of grasshopper. It's huge!! We have all the 'creature' comforts for grasshoppers: water gel, dead vegetation, powereded cricket food, meal worms, a large piece of mulch to hide under. Other creatures that have spent the night include: a skink, a squirrel, a baby cardinal, a baby wren, a large turtle and assorted lizards, toads , fish and tree frogs. I am not sure why she is drawn to creatures. It may have be something to do with her cribset which was 'cutie bugs' from Target. There is some sort of correlation you know!!! So all of you expecting parents out there, select your cribset with care. If you don't want Johnny to grow up to be a pilot don't use cute little airplanes. Other cribsets that could be of concern: fish, fire engines, and princess..
Here's the message they could get.
Fish: Fishing is more important than anything else
Fire enginess: Not good for parents with anxiety
Princess: The world must be at my beck and call
Peter Pan: I will never grow up
Noah's Ark: You need to collect two of everything
African Animals: It has to be BIG to be important
Tinker Bell: I am waiting for the pixie dust to kick in and fix everything

The list goes on, be sure and comment if you have one that you are concerned about.


  1. Darn! Maybe I had the Tinkerbell set? I'm still waiting for that blessed pixie dust. Are you telling me that it isn't coming? Hopefully, I haven't ruined Sophia with the butterfly canopy that I made for her crib!

  2. Butterfly is good...just be prepared for her to get attached to all things small and helpless. Mama will have to get used to every injured creature coming in the house for TLC. For her second birthday get her a bug cage.

  3. We never know how the things we do during our offsprings' childhood will effect them later on or how we as parents will be touched. I think to have a sensitivity to and love of all creatures(children, animals, insects or reptiles) is really a wonderful thing despite the unusual guests that may arrive. The world needs many more of these special citizens.

  4. well that's fine, but they can't live with me. (the citizens nor the guests)
    btw say nighty nighty to the green tree frog who has the upper bunk tonight.