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Thursday, July 9, 2009


My bunny girl is getting spayed today. I am a nervous nellie: what if something goes wrong, what if they hurt her, what if they aren't nice to her, what if she thinks I abandoned her, what if she thinks I let these people hurt her???

Penelope has been getting a little aggressive with the kids lately:Chasing, climbing on them, circling and nipping. She actually drew blood on Violet when Violet was messing with her cage (cleaning it really) but to Penelope it was more like rearranging her furniture without permission. It ticked her off. And she can't say anything about it so she uses her teeth...sort of like a toddler. I am pretty sure she is in heat, I mean she's a rabbit, aren't they pretty much always in heat? I pick her up at 3:00. I hope she isn't too uncomfortable. I am such a bunny mama!!!
Update: Bunny baby is back. She hasn't moved at all...even her nose is still. I had pet her to make sure she was ok. Anyway the Vet was great, he's a bunny lover. Thanks Doctor Hughes!!
Here's his info:
Hughes, James E DVM - All Creatures Animal Clinic
(727) 785-0405
3438 E Lake Rd, #11, Palm Harbor, FL 34685
I will never take my bunny to another VET EVER!

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