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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Kids say the dardest things!!

KT has not been feeling well so I took her to her pediatrician. They wanted to do a blood test and titer for Mono. Which I don't believe she has but anyway it was her first blood draw. Now, they announce that they are going to do a blood draw and then they leave the room, so my little one can work herself up into a frenzy. Armed with only a ladies magazine I put my distraction tactics into high gear!! "Look at this garden KT, look at the picture, what would you like to plant?" This goes on and on while we discuss different foods she would like to grow, while Countess Dracula is probably in the other room snickering at how long she is going to drag this process out. Finally KT says "chicken" and I tell her "no we can't have farm animals in our yard." To which she says "no not animals, chicken". I must have a perplexed look on my face, "KT we aren't allowed to have chickens." Now beyond frustrated with me she replies, "NO NOT chickens, I want to grow chicken and steak!!" Right now I can't believe what I am hearing so I ask, "you mean like drumsticks growing on a tree?" She shakes her head vehemently in the 'yes' direction. You are kidding me right? "You know where chicken and steak come from....they come from animals like chickens and cows." To which she only replies, "oh". Now I am exasperated and totally convinced that her fever temporarily (hopefully) fried her brain and she was just momentarily delusional.

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