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Saturday, July 4, 2009

History museum...more learning for mom.

More from Atlanta:
Fernbank Science center is also near Fernbank Museum of Natural History http://www.fernbankmuseum.org/. Since Violet is the science experiment as far as we are concerned, we had that covered. But Jay is the history buff...although when they say natural history they mean nature, and not people. He's a little more people oriented...famous people like presidents and composers. The history museum is more history of nature and dinosaurs, but I was able to find some people. The history center isn't really my cup of tea, but they have a great gift shop. However I did learn one amazing fact. Dinosaurs do not have genitals. No really, have you ever noticed that every replica of a dinosaur has very specific details: it's gray brown color and perfect leathery texture right down to it's dirty toenails but in the genital region there is nothing...nada...just like Barbie. I have no idea how these ginormous creatures use the potty or reproduce. By looking at the size of these creatures the males should be hung like yaks. It is possible that they are more inny then outie...most reptiles are..but the current set at least have a little opening somewhere. I am thoroughly convinced that the scientologist have it correct and the dinosaurs just appeared here from aliens one day. Certainly there was no reproduction going on, you can't even tell which ones are male or female, gives new meaning to androgenous...no wonder why they all died off.

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