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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Birthday Girl!!

It's that time of year...to spend a little time appreciating the personality of my middle child.

Now KT is not your average middle child. She wants to be at the center of attention at all times.

She assaults your senses at every junction. But I do have a few accolades for her:

KT is always happy. She is always smiling...even when she is getting into trouble.

She is always laughing, she is always talking. She is my jovial, loquacious little sprout.

She is the one to initiate the games at home with the kids and keep them busy.

She is always amusing, you just have to find the amusement in the action. For instance:

KT cannot get through an entire day without spilling something. This morning it was the green bean container in the fridge. You just have to laugh, because it's so predictable.

She doesn't walk slowly, she always runs. Of course you remember, she can't go up the stairs without saying "OW!"

She doesn't think in a linear fashion. Everything is sporadic and all over the place. She doesn't have a bit of common sense. And she can't remember how to do anything (like wet her hair and comb out the tangles in the morning). But she can remember where things are located and the series of events that lead up to something, even if she really can't tell you in a linear fashion how something happened.

KT is all about people. She loves to see cars of people she knows, and then announce who the owner of the vehicle is. She doesn't care whether she is right or not, just the simple idea that it could be a person she knows delights her. She also loves to run into people in different places than where you normally see them, like seeing a teacher at Walmart. This would excite her for weeks.
When you talk about going to the pool or getting ice cream. KT is excited about who might be there to see her, not about swimming in the water or what flavor of ice cream she is going to order.

KT never imitates a couch potato. She doesn't lie around watching TV. In fact I don't think she actually can hold still. She doesn't day dream out a window. She is always moving. She is always watching people.

KT likes to learn. She likes to do school work...she does work books for fun. She can be fascinating. And today she turned 9.

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  1. Happy Birthday KT!!!

    W/ Love,

    Auntie Hannah