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Friday, April 17, 2009

Reptile Convention ???

The last time my spouse took my daughter to a reptile convention he came back with a 75.00 gecko and a tarantula. Well he is going again. And he is going with another guy who also likes the reptiles. I am sending three children to chaperone. But that is sort of like sending cheerleaders to a football game to keep an eye on the players. I am thinking that we will have a new member of the family when he gets back. Pray my zoo does not get any larger this weekend!

Update: No new family members showed up at my house. However, my friend wasn't so lucky.
She ended up with 2 bearded dragons. One of them is with babies. And apparently they can have up to 50!!! babies in one clutch. Can you imagine? 50 bearded dragons!!

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