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Thursday, April 16, 2009


I have an eight year old with insomnia. We've tried everything I can think of:

warm showers

hot herbal tea

calms forte



open window

me saying 'go to bed'

holding her gecko

rubbing the kitty

night light on

night light off
story on CD
music on CD
Anyone got any better ideas before I konk her over the head?


  1. White noise machine? Weighted blanket?

    We tried Melatonin before and it didn't work. This time we're up to 2 mg...THAT works. Our doc said the max for our son (6 years old) was 3mg. Check with your doc, but maybe she needs more?

    Good luck. Our son didn't sleep for 5 years. Really. Didn't. Sleep. Ever. Now, with the Melatonin, we at least get some sleep...I mean, he gets some sleep.

  2. I give the dogs Benadryl when they keep me up. That’s why I have dogs and not kids. I can call them names (and they still wag their tails!), lock them in cages (and they like it!) and drug them when they don’t sleep!! ;)

    I recently tried a Hypnosis CD’s to quit smoking. I didn’t quit, but I felt very relaxed and usually fell asleep during the CD. You can download sleeping CD’s at Amazon.com for .99.

    I found this site helpful when I wasn’t sleeping: http://www.naturalsleepcure.com/natural-home-cures-for-insomnia
    I sometimes take Midnite when I can’t sleep. It is a combination of Melatonin and other natural ingredients.

    Auntie Hannah

  3. Auntie Hannah, I just might try that!! the cds and the midnite.

  4. I like Auntie Hannah's ideas. I was going to suggest the same thing along with about 45 min of quiet time before bedtime practicing relaxation techniques and maybe some calming yoga. Benedryl in combo with the stuff might help too.