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Monday, April 13, 2009

Lexicon of the little lass.

Violet has a toothache. She can't just say she has a toothache.
Instead she says, "My canine didn't hurt this much last time."
To which I reply," can't you just say tooth like normal children?"
To which she replies,"I'm not normal."

Well she might be right about that. The Easter card that she made at home said,
"Mother and Father, Have a splendid holiday." What kind of 2nd grader says 'splendid holiday'.

It sort of runs in the family (my mother, me, and now Violet). We like words, and are incredibly loquacious. I like to decorate with words. I love lowercase. My mother likes the letters to be all the same size in a word, especially a name. She likes words that have soft sounds, especially names. We all have auditory sensitivities. You are going to see more words here on my blog. I am studying for the GRE. And if I have to learn some new fangled words, then I am going to teach all of you. And then you can add them to your lexicon.

So here we go: Abeyance- n, suspension of an activity.
The broken elevator has been in abeyance for a week.

Feel free to comment with some obscure GRE words and definitions.
I expect no one will respond with a diatribe or discourse.

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