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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Easter Bunny outed!

Violet has had an epiphany while shopping at Publix one day. She saw the aisle of colored eggs, tempting treats and chocolate rabbits. She stood perfectly still, then crossed her arms and glared at her father. "I know where the Easter candy comes from."

So Publix has outed me. And not that I am one for Easter bunny, tooth fairy and Santa but I so did feel caught when I heard her reaction.

Now it has been properly explained to my children that the Easter bunny, the leprechauns and the tooth fairy are services that the parents must pay for. Which means we purchase on-line goods to be delivered by genuine Easter Rabbits, Irish Leprechauns and floating tooth fairies. I can't help it if they shop at Publix!!!


  1. I actually laughed out loud at this! Brent declared the EB a hoax yesterday after shopping at Walmart. I'm not a fan of the EB so I confessed but I'll hold on until the last minute when it comes to Eldon and Santa. We have too much fun with that elf!

  2. Yikes. I've often thought about my explanation to the kids while they stand in the candy isle looking at all the brightly colored items for an Easter candy feast. "We have to wait for the Easter Bunny to bring it to us". UMMM.....