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Friday, January 2, 2009

boys have cooties and other true statements

Well, we are doing cootie patrol. Happy Flippin' New Year!! That's right some little louse found it's way into Jay's head and probably got stuck in all that curly hair. So she decided to make her self at home and set up housekeeping (she must have been knocked up when she landed).

We went with the shaving head method...but then when we kept seeing the creepy crawlies I decided to treat with the shampoo too. I used this new organic, non toxic, tree hugging kind but then I found out it takes 4 hours. Flippin bleeding heart liberals, it probably doesn't even kill them, it probably just makes them sterile. I can hear PETA now, they're harmless....we don't need to kill them...they just need to be relocated.
Yeah relocated to Antartica.
My friend Stephanie stopped by, she has never seen lice before. I make her a goody bag with 1 large louse, some empty nits, some filled nits and even a nymph. Although the latter one was missing when she finally got here. Hmmm, my heads feeling a little itchy.


  1. That nyph had better be someplace at your house and not in my head. Those things give me the hebbie jeebies!

  2. Do you know that in 5 days the darn thing will lay eggs? I swear they don't even have to mate, they must be born pregnant.

  3. Nick laughed when he read this...but quickly asked if the bugs will be gone by Saturday! He used to freak out when I told him I had just been in home that had lice. One night I came home to find his head and the dog wrapped in cellophane. Poor Sadie!

    Aunt HMA