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Saturday, January 17, 2009

scattered thoughts

I just don't wanna cook!!! And I really don't want to clean up after myself because I really make a BIG mess when I cook. What do you make your children for dinner when you don't feel like cooking? Well if you are me, you served, cold sliced ham, mozzarella, black olives, pickles and pretzel crackers. I dare anyone to tell me that is not a balanced meal!! You see JP has been working late every freakin' night and I have had to do the single parent thing. And the thing is, I don't want to...my kids are exhausting. Not bad mind you, just they can't seem to do anything without lots of verbal interraction. Sometimes it's easier without JP just because he is a big fat distraction for me. But the other side is that he is not there to distract the children so they stop pummeling me with questions and I don't have to verbalize all the necessary reminders.

Today it's cold (60 degrees). Brrr. it's like being in North Florida. Anyway the kids are all inside playing (they don't want to get frostbitten) and I look out at 2:00 and see this little armadillo eating by the pond. He's pretty cute just foraging around. I decide to call him Rooty because he is busy rooting around. I call JP over and he is very surprised to see the little fella outside at this time of day. He's right. They usually come out in the late afternoon to eat. So his guess is that Rooty didnt' come out yesterday it was so cold and so he was starving by 2 pm and had to take a chance that the big horned owl wouldn't scoop him up. I think he's pretty safe. She's a big owl, but I don't think she can carry him. Just checked, and he is still there and it's been about an hour. I'd like to go over an introduce myself...being a treehugger and all...but I think he'd run.

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