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Thursday, January 15, 2009

What can we learn from cults?

So I am watching Dr. Phil and it's this episode on cults. How they manipulate hundreds of people into believing that they are the 'Messiah', that their word is the only one true word. And these 'Messiahs' have these people following them around like they are little lost lambs. The lambs will do anything the Nutjob says. Horrendous, illegal, and immoral things... and yet I can't get my children to clean the litter box. How does that work ?

Could it be that these deranged lunatics know something that we don't? Is the journey to clarity through insanity? It's entirely possible. And if no one else has coined that phrase, I am hereby coining it.

So let's chat about these cults, two things we know they do is isolate their followers and then brainwash them. Brainwashing I can handle. But how do they isolate them? Let's examine this, if I were to isolate my children then the only person they would have to torment (besides eachother) is me. So how exactly did this 'Messiah' get these people to be totally isolated with only him and have them not drive him into a murderous rampage before he was able to brainwash them? And if we could figure this out, and find the secret formula could we also apply this formula to the Iraqi people, possibly the even the Palestinians. I say we try it with the Palestinians first...the geography is plenty ripe for it. You have this little Gaza strip. Water on one side and Israel (their arch enemy on the other). Most Palestinians living there must be traumatized and suffering from PTSD with all that goes on there. Prime candidates for a little brainwashing. If it works could we then have peace in the Middle East? I also wish to add that I have no ill will towards the Palestinians, I just think right now their goal isn't peace. It's all about who's right....and I don't care who's right let's just grow up and stop fighting about it.


  1. Well I think the Palestinians would like peace. It's Hamas that's shelling Israel and Hamas that values death more than peace. I thought things would better when Yassir Arafat died, but he left a void that allowed a parasite in - Hamas. The Palestinians have been oppressed for so long that they really don't know how to govern themselves. I hope they learn and that peace will come to the MiddleEast, but I don't think that will happen in my lifetime or the next generation's lifetime. Of course I wouldn't be opposed to brainwashing under some circumstances.

  2. Brainwashing for Peace!!