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I am a captive caretaker of three small terrorists and an exotic petting zoo. I try regularly to sneak college courses so one day I can leave this place.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Projects and more projects

Jay is busily working on a science project with JP. Something about quicksand. I am trying to stay far away from that. I only got a C on last years science project (Mentos and Coke) which I thought was really cool. Violet's back to her critter hunting self...the tree frog has been released however there is a leaf bug in it's place. Violet had me help her put together her aqua garden, and then just as we get the plants all planted she abandons me for some other small people that are more fun. Ungrateful wretch!
But I did put together the terrarium with her left over plants..I thought I'd let the leaf bug move in...or maybe the tarantula. Any recommendations?
Click link to see a leaf bug: http://images.search.yahoo.com/images/view?back=http%3A%2F%2Fsearch.yahoo.com%2Fsearch%3Fei%3DUTF-8%26p%3Dleaf%2Bbug%2Bimage&w=500&h=375&imgurl=static.flickr.com%2F3050%2F2503793086_1821e6abe3.jpg&size=113.7kB&name=2503793086_1821e6abe3.jpg&rcurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.flickr.com%2Fphotos%2Fjenny1288%2F2503793086%2F&rurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.flickr.com%2Fphotos%2Fjenny1288%2F2503793086%2F&p=leaf+bug&type=jpeg&no=1&tt=38%2C159&oid=b72988ca2d1cf9d2&fusr=Dreamer493&hurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.flickr.com%2Fphotos%2Fjenny1288%2F&tit=Mysterious+leaf+bug&sigr=11inndiof&sigi=11gf9e7qg&sigb=11ouscd66&sigh=1172qltn6


  1. I don't know which "bug" deserves the new palace. Possibly the spider?

    If you think that KT is the CUTEST you should enter her in the contest. It's for a good cause. Do you think that we could manage to get her picture without having her take down the lights and backdrop in the process? lol! Speaking of backdrops. I have a new one that should be delivered any day now. It's brown/tan. That would be perfect for KT.

  2. Leaf bug moved in. Although it did that flying cockroach move and I almost had a stroke. Luckily JP rescued me (after lots of screaming and beating on him.)
    I'm thinking I can't get KT too close to any expensive equipment....she's not insured.