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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Pacifier or "Passie' for short

My youngest daughter, Violet, is 8. However when she was little, she was addicted to her 'passie'. At three I finally pried it out of her little mitts. When she asked where it was I told her the garbage man took it. She still hasn't forgiven him and has now taken to glaring at all garbage men. Aside from all that, whenever she sees paciefiers in the store she still wants one. I mean, come on, she's 8!! She can even tell you what sale price was at CVS 2 weeks ago. We, of course, refuse to buy one. Well today, while finding a place to move her fish tank to, I was moving some stuff around, and hidden in a little corner under some papers I found it. I found a used pacifier in my daughters room. I dangled it in front of her, "what's this?" I said in my best calm before the storm mommy voice. She had this sheepish, OH SH** look on her face. She wouldn't tell me where she got it. At that point I am horrified, is there some little baby screaming it's head off tonight because my daughter pilfered a passie? What kind of kid steals from a baby? I threatened her with all kinds of things, but she was not going to spill it. Finally after I worked her over long enough she finally gave it up. She said that her little friend had one and left it in the grass. Her friend is 5. And since she shouldn't have a passie either, I have a good mind to toss it and let them both be pacifierless.


  1. My biggest question is...what did you end up doing with the pacifier? LOL.

  2. That Violet! Maybe her Auntie should slip her a passie? It'll be our little secret. It's my best effort at keeping her small. Can you just imagine a 30 year old Violet running to her room after a stressful day to get her passie? LOL!

  3. Pacifier at 30? Good, I'll send Auntie her orthodontist bill for the braces. Actually I haven't even processed age 30, I am still trying to get past her tarantula living in a college dorm with her...can't imagine how her roommate will react to that?

  4. That is funny! I had to take away my daughter's pacifier a few months ago because she was getting way to attached to it and it was giving her a rash over her lip. My daughter will be three in two weeks. I can't picture a five year old with one, let alone an eight year old! I agree with you completely on this.