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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Children of the 21st century

Today I was speaking with my children about my new handy dandy travel cup that I got for Xmas from JP. I was telling, the not so shrinking, Violet that my new mug does not go into the dishwasher, so if you see it in there take it out. KT then pipes in...'well than what do you do with it?' UGG, children of today have no concept of actually washing dishes by hand, I am thinking a 20th century lesson might be on my agenda tomorrow. And if they complain I will let them journey to the 19th century to do the laundry!!! Anyone have an old washboard they aren't using?


  1. My girl is now hand washing dishes. She has to master that for a week before the dishwasher training begins.

  2. I am Puerto Rican and grew up watching my mom and grandmother and all my aunts have a big clean fest after every meal, so of course I picked up that habit. I NEVER used a dishwasher until 1 year ago when my friend saw me washing dishes by hand after we all ate at my place. She saw me do it so many times, but then she told me "I have watched you do dishes all the time...don't you know how to use a dishwasher? It will save you time!" At that time I tried it...so now I use the dishwasher about 75% of the time...I do it by hand the rest. Sometimes I even just forget I have a dishwasher and out of that born habbit I do it myself. :)

  3. I forgot to add that I'm almost 32 now and never used the dishwasher til now. lol