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I am a captive caretaker of three small terrorists and an exotic petting zoo. I try regularly to sneak college courses so one day I can leave this place.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

WKTV-The star of the show

WKTV is our KT channel. She provides hours of entertainment or torture depending on how you look at it. For example, the day after xmas our star of the show descends down the stairs in her: knee high, black suede boots, a hot pink jean, mini skirt that barely covers her A** and a strappy little red velvet top. I am not sure what show she thought she was starring on, but I was not having the remake of 'Pretty Baby' at my house. While her fashion sense is somewhat questionable, it's true she doesn't exactly buy her clothes. The boots were a holiday gift from Grandmother (at my suggestion) and they seemed quite innocuous at the time. The pink mini skirt was a hand-me-down from a friend and the red velvet top was something I bought for her to wear with jeans. Each item individually did not even register on my 'tramp dar' but when you see it put together by an 8 year old you start to wonder if it's in the DNA or the previous environment. Either way, I want to know what the heck can be done about it. I am having flash forwards of dramatic interactions about 'what you are not going to wear while you are living in this house, young lady'. Am I really headed for teen battles on couture? Because if I am, I am going to start arming myself right now...where was that brochure on the Catholic Boarding school...


  1. Oh my! I have the same issues here! At least you have uniforms. Imagine the daily battles that I endure.

  2. I am not going to imagining that...I am to scared.