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Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Not so Easy Bake oven

Ever since that little Easy Bake Oven was introduced on TV commercials my spouse has been plotting to somehow become a sampler of the Easy Bake cuisine. So in 2000 when we found out we were having a baby girl my husband was overjoyed. Visions of his little girl serving him mini cakes and iced cookies danced in his head. I think he wanted to put one in her stocking when she was 2, I managed to hold him off until she was 8 (the recommended age). So here he sits in our bonus room surrouned by the small people making Easy Bake recipes. He looks not so enthralled with the process, and when I inquire as to why, I get the scoop. The small people are not lavishing him with their baked goods, they are instead injesting their masterpieces. My dear spouse seems dejected. All his hard work, all his plans....ruined in one fell swallow.

I shared the fact that you can use regular cake mix with the Easy Bake. He thought you had to figure out how long to cook it over a light bulb.hee hee. I told him that 'no' there are recipes all over the web for Easy Bake with regular cake mix or cookie mix and that then there would be more servings. He then might actually get to try one..he hugged me he was so happy, I saved his vision. LOL!!!


  1. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! And, those little people would have eaten up all of those yummy dove chocolates the other evening if we hadn't stood guard over them ourselves. Poor guy!

  2. LOL. I almost bought the girls one for Christmas!

    Aunt HMA