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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hundreds of homeless show up at my house!!

That's right! Tent city is practically in my backyard. Right here in exclusive Waters Edge. This is supposed to be some kind of snobby upper class residential neighborhood. So what the heck is happening? I paid good money not to have the riff raff here. And now there are tents and blankets and pillows everywhere. Not to mention dirty, disheveled children wearing mismatched clothes.
How could their parents let them walk around like that.....oh my............ those are
my children. And they have built forts all over the my living room dining room area. Phew, I thought I had homeless people in my house. Gosh, glad that is over. But now I have a question, if middle class children build tents to play tent city what do the children who actually live in tent city play? Do they just play house or is more advanced like Yuppies, D.I.N.K.s, or McMansion ?


  1. I'm not sure what homeless children play. It's too sad an depressing for me to actually consider. I'll worry about that tomorrow.

  2. Very creative children!! the most dangerous type of short person. Be careful and alert to the next project. Who knows what they'll come up with. Enjoyed the picture.