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Saturday, January 24, 2009

more of the zoo

Halloween!! Yep that's her name. She is a Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula. Of course she belongs to Violet, who came home with her from a Reptile Convention. Now do you see why I call it an exotic zoo. Halloween molted recently. If you have never seen a Tarantula molt, you should go to youtube and watch one. It's very interesting. First they make this nest of web, then they lay on their backs for hours, so still you think they are dying. Then their body begins to convulse...like they are in labor until they become unattached to their outside and are pulsated from it.
Now Halloween is an interesting pet, and she has had a complete personality change since she molted. When we first got her, she was easily confused with a pet rock. Now she is very defensive and a little scary. We don't pet her anymore...or I should say I don't. But she is a facinating creature to watch, especially when she attacks my pencil.

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