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Monday, January 5, 2009

chauvinist and NOW in the same house.

That's right...I am married to a chauvinist. And he thinks it's funny!
We went for a family bike ride. That's right family...cha ching I racked up some mommy points that day.
Anyway I digress. We rode down to the lake and walked on the boardwalk...where we spotted trash in the lake. This always upsets Violet. She is a budding environmentalist, her first love was Jack Hanna. Anyway...so Jay is on the grass where the trash is and JP asks him to grab that bag that's there (so he could presumably could throw it in the correct receptacle). But Jay protests 'no way, it smells'. My then educated spouse can think of no other remark then to say 'girl!'. That's right he called him a 'girl' as an insult. So after my tirade which I directed unto my spouse (which he snickered through I might add) I said to him, 'girl, you watch what a girl does'. "Violet would you get that bag." She locates the bag and then holding the bag to my spouse, she spouts off 'See THIS is what WOMEN do who love animals" and off she goes to throw it in the trash.


  1. That's my Violet! You show him, girl! If it's any consolation, my hubby says that same sorts of things. Boys!

  2. Iam surprised at your spouse and I am appaulled at you for letting him develop that kind of a attitude.Have you lost your baby mind ?

  3. Well I think a discussion is in order about the importance of a clean environment and the concept of everyone doing his or her part and also the need to handle other people's trash very carefully and wash your hands afterward. Good for Violet. However I'm disappointed in the name calling - not a good example, not a good way to educate a child, also it appears rather inaccurate since a girl actually picked it up. And it's not a good way to get results. More parenting classes might be helpful in this case for the MC in the family and for Jay maybe he should write something about the environment and one's responsibility toward protecting it. Sorry this is so long. You know how I go on sometimes.

  4. I can just picture Violet saying that! Hey, still looking for music? Brinety Spears has a new hit out, Womanizer. ;)

    Aunt HMA

  5. "girl, you watch what a girl does"!
    That is so the Violet and Elle I remember! You go girls! Kelley :)