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Thursday, January 8, 2009

My best friend

So yesterday I had breakfast with my friend Steph. And she made me (and my tagalongs) some bracelets. That's right made them. She has 4 kids and two of them are like 4 regular kids so it's really like six. Then there's that stalking husband of hers. I won't even go there. And she has a full time photography business. Not to mention a few volunteer things that I drag her off to and she goes to church. Oh and one more thing, she has lots of needy friends and family that are always having drama. So lets just say she is a VERY busy woman. But somehow she found the time to make me and my girls bracelets. So my question is how the heck does she have time for that? And how can I get some time for that ? Maybe if I wasn't sitting here surfing the internet looking for sexual predators in the neighborhood accross the street. Or maybe if I wasn't blogging, or talking on the phone or playing with the rabbit. I digress, so anyway the bracelets are really pretty. My bracelet has little dragons flies. How did she know I liked dragon flies?
Anyway, so these little bracelets screw closed. So I thought of this great team project for my girls: have them help eachother put on the bracelets. Well Violet said, 'no way', she wasn't helping, and she (being her little independent self) didn't want any help either. KT whined that she couldn't get it on and then Violet, giving up on putting it around her own wrist, tried to put it around her own ankle. Well guess what happened? It wouldn't fit, duh it's a bracelet it's for a wrist.. so it broke. Yup within 2.4 minutes of getting the bracelet the little screw part fell off. Sorry Steph (don't worry, I have all the pieces). KT on the other hand put hers in her jewelry box...where it still sits. How's that for team work!!! I haven't even told Steph yet. Hopefully she can read it in my blog.

Stephanie is what you call a good friend. She's one of the only reasons I have sanity, if in fact I actually have any. For example, yesterday I was being tormented by my tiny terrorist with school work and I was actually about to throttle the little bugger. So I called Steph (5:15 pm) in the middle of her dinner prep and family time, probably. I didn't even ask, I didn't even care. I didn't even say "hello, how are you, are you busy'...no I said 'I AM SO FRUSTRATED!!!!'. That's right, because at that moment it was all about me.

And she listened to me rant....while being interrupted twice by the my torturers..and I finally was able to talk my self silly, without hyperventilating I might add, until I came up with a game plan.
So now I have a strategy, excuse me while I go implement it. I hope there won't be an blood.

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  1. Leave it to your children to break the bracelet. Never fear! It's easily repaired. I'll find some time soon to come over and allow Violet to help me repair it. For the record, I don't blame her for not wanting to help KT. Would KT even hold still long enough?

    On a side note, you are probably one of my best friends because you cause the least amount of drama. You, Kristy and Jennifer rank very high on my list.