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Saturday, January 10, 2009


My mom sent this to me today and maybe it's in the DNA but I am just going to confess right now I don't get it. Why is it that men are enthralled, to the point of yelling at the TV, at guys with big muscles running around in tight pants. OK well I can sorta see why women like it. But I don't get the straight men AT ALL. I mean they are just throwing a ball, catching it and running. It's not soap opera, it doesn't have a plot. And JP says it's because I don't understand the game, if I understood it I would like it. But I understand checkers and I don't like that either. I understand baseball and I don't like it. So enlightenment is not the way to enjoyment in this particular case. I will admit that I tolerate football much better when it's on mute. Something about the crowd in the background and the talking heads is traumatizing to my whole sensory system. And what is the point of that anyway?? You are watching the game, why do they have to talk about it too? When you are at a hockey game, no one talks you through it. In closing, I agree with Maxine, a superbowl is one that is self cleaning...and if it can dowse some oust. All the better!!


  1. My dear husband put a small TV in my office while I was out earlier. As I type, he's snoozing on the bench in here while his TV plays a replay of the Gator's last game. I'm not sure which is more annoying... his snoring or the crowd.

  2. I don't understand the football thing either or most spectator sports. The only one I like is ice skating (not hockey just figure skating) and I prefer the performances more than the competitions. I agree about the talking - we don't talk during mystery movies, or dramas and there are no commentators either to keep you posted on the happenings. Think how that would work out. You're watching a movie about a serial killer and a voice over says "and now our main suspect is heading out behind the restaurant to wait for the next victim. Will it be the blond waitress or the red headed manager?" More like radio than TV.
    I think that's where the commentary began - on radio and no one was smart enough to realize it wasn't necessary on TV. Ya think?